How much will I receive in royalties?

You will receive 50% of the net royalties.


How much does it cost to publish with you?

All we ask for is the remaining net royalties.


What is it you offer?

Publishing with our in house team. This includes polishing manuscripts, designing book covers and formatting.


How long are your contracts for?

They are currently for five years.


What marketing do you do?

We may do some basic marketing but you are expected to promote yourself and build your own platform.


Do we pay an advance?



Do you accept unsolicited submissions?

Yes, just know that you make a submission completely at your own risk whether it’s solicited or not.


Do you accept submissions for previously/currently published books?

Yes but any submitted book(s) must be removed from sale before we publish them.


Can I use my own book cover?



Can I use an out of house designer?



Can I use an out of house editor and/or proofreader?

Yes but this must be done BEFORE you make a submission to us.


Can I use an out of house formatter?



Do you accept submissions for self-published authors?



What is a query letter?

It is essentially a letter where you introduce yourself to us and tell us about the book you’re submitting. You can tell us about anything you’ve achieved in the book world, why you think your book is for us, if you’re already published, any kind of success you’ve had, anything you feel could be relevant, etc.


What platforms do you publish on?

Amazon & Kindle.


What about other digital bookstores?

This is at our discretion.


Can you get my books into physical bookstores?

This is something that we currently do not offer.


What are your time frames?

The submission process can take approximately 4 weeks although we usually do this quicker. With publishing, we have to publish your novel within five years. However, it depends on the level of work required. The usual time frame is between 1-4 months.


Do you accept submissions for novellas?

Yes, but anything under twenty five thousand words will be eBook only.


What is the lowest word count you will accept?

Five thousand words.


How many changes can I have for my book cover design?

Changes beyond mistakes are at the designer’s discretion as are excessive time spent looking for specific images.


I have a book series, can I submit them all in one go?



My submission was rejected, when can I make a submission for the same book?

We ask that you leave it at least six weeks before you try again unless we state differently.


So you actually offer all of this for just 50% of the royalties received? Where’s the catch?

Yes, we really do. There’s no catch. We just love books and authors, and that’s where our motivation comes from.


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

enquiries (at) featherdreamspress.co.uk